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Generations ministry for maturing Christians

Generations Ministry Team exists so that by 10 - 12 years of age our young people will be surrendered to Jesus, committed to Gospel ministry, and able to articulate their faith in Jesus so that others may surrender also.  That they would maintain their faith in Jesus from youth to eternity.

Generations Ministries Vision is that the youth and young adults of RHI will be transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to expand the Kingdom of God to include their friends.

Meet our Generations Team

- Pastor: Micah Davis
- Administrator: Ryan Abel
- Scrivener: Shirlyn Ninala
- Children’s Coordinator: Jossie Dalby

Beginner’s Class - 0-4 yrs.
- Leader: Leslie de Leon
- Teachers: Susan White, Shirlyn Ninala
- Pianist: Lydia Pietz

Elementary Class - 5-10 yrs.
- Teachers: Lilac Thomas, Jossie Dalby, Chris Spinolo

Middle School - Grades 5-8
- Leader: Kent Franz, Eddie Souza

High School
- Leader: Micah Davis
- Teachers/Co-leaders: Ryan & Melissa Vasconcellos
Young Adult - (CLiC)
- Leader: Warren Woo

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